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Houston McLendon's Resume

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Church Experience
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  • I grew up in Wilson, Arkansas. I am the second of nine children.
  • I am married to Effie (Hughes) of Memphis, Tennessee [34 years].
  • We were blessed with three children, Terrence, Dannion, and Juantina.
  • In addition, we have been blessed with thirteen grandchildren.
  • I am a weekend golfer.
  • I am a novice computer guru.

Houston McLendon
1418 Clarks Drive
Abilene, Texas 79602

Pastor McLendon with Grandchildren - Arkansas
Anthony & Daniel

Family is very important to me. I think the society that we live in now has lost the sense of family values. I grew up in an extended family environment -- I had more aunties and uncles than the law allows.
Therefore, I teach, preach and live that Christian Family values are a must in this dying world.  Love your family

Effie @ Conference in Richmond, VA
Just chillin


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